The Beginning

I am 45 years old this year. In China, We call middle-aged programmers "old programming farmers" here.

I developed hundreds of software projects. When I graduated from collage, I wrote codes for manage system for companies and government.

In 2007, I had the opportunity to lead a small development team in creating a steel trade e-commerce website for the largest steel company in China. That website has since become the biggest steel trade platform in China.

So, I entered the e-commerce field from that point. But I grew tired of working in software outsourcing.

After experiencing failure in the smart home business, I established a new company to build multiple foreign trade websites for my sole investor, while also dedicating my efforts to SEO. As a result, I have now made the decision to create a small B2C e-commerce website, specifically an online store.

But I have these problems to deal with:

  1. I'm skilled in website development using the Django framework, but marketing isn't my strong suit. How can I attract my first customer and increase website traffic?

  2. One challenge I face is the lack of a stable supply for my e-commerce venture. My investor operates in the LED components industry, which is not an ideal product for direct-to-consumer (B2C) sales.

  3. What can I do to encourage customers to choose my website over larger platforms like

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