An error occurs frequently, but if you visit the URL in a web browser once, the build succeeds. It's like a prayer ritual...


Someone posted this picture online, saying it represents a future real estate trade.


If pip install encounters the error AttributeError: module 'pkgutil' has no attribute 'ImpImporter'. Did you mean: 'zipimporter'?, try the following commands:


python -m ensurepip --upgrade python -m pip install …

If you are using DRF and receiving JSON data via, try using request.body instead.

In a development environment, if you want to connect to an MQTT broker within a Docker container, try using 'host.docker.internal' as the broker address.


Every synchronization server has been unavailable in China recently.


Getting Started

Asian character support PS. Execute the 'fbterm' test on the 'beepy' terminal, without using SSH.

Create your own password management device for easy carrying.

Show …


WebSocket API using

I have been experiencing stomach pain recently, and the doctor gave me some medicine; however, one of them is for depression.

Is not being able to log in to GitHub related to Prime Minister Li's passing?


Crazy country, GitHub blocked again.

In my dream last night, my brother informed me that our old man had returned to our old house and found peace there. I cried out as the others left. …

Open the image using Preview. Select the entire image by pressing Ctrl + A, copy it with Ctrl + C, and then paste it onto the same image. You will …

"At first, you can only sell your products in person. If you have 100 clients, then SEO, content marketing, SNS marketing, etc., can work." - From the book "Small and Beautiful"

Programming in html attributes....😭

Refuse to put hyperscript on this list...

Follow this article to implement htmx validation:

The original code is as follows:

// Source: htmx.defineExtension('bs-validation', {   onEvent: function (name, evt, data) {        …