Today, I took my boy to see "Castle in the Sky," hoping to introduce him to the concepts of love and bravery, even though he may not have fully grasped …

In Chrome extension code, whenever you include the  


tags in HTML and click any button within the form, even if the button type is set to "button" instead of …

Why is blocked? WTF!




1) Why is the sun bigger at sunset than at noon?

2) How did the first person come into existence if no one gave birth to him?

Summer Programming Solitude Wife accompanies daughter in the hospital Son goes to kindergarten I'm alone at home programming Hearing the sound of the backup mechanical hard drive grinding Summer is …

A django gettext with python brace format, this is correct :

gettext('Welcome to {0} store!').format(store_name),

and this is wrong:

gettext('Welcome to {0} store!'.format(store_name))

While upgrading Django Channels from 3.x to 4.0, if you encounter issues with the WebSocket handshake process, one solution is to add "daphne" to the top of the INSTALLED_APPS list …

Lately, I've found myself needing to take off my glasses when using my laptop or mobile phone, but then having to put them back on when I need a clear …

Using the OpenAPI APIs is less painful than using the WeChat APIs.

First time using Copilot to code, I need to keep my mind focused and not be distracted by it...

After publishing blog posts in English, I used the keyword "老楠" for searching. My blog ranked first on Google, but it decreased in ranking on Baidu. Is there any patterns?

pip install segno import segno wifi_settings = { ssid='(Wifi Name)', password='(Wifi Password)', security='WPA', } wifi = segno.helpers.make_wifi(**wifi_settings), dark=yellow, light=#323524, scale=8)


Mom's hearing is worse. I wish she were healthy. Find some methods to release stress. Get a career breakthrough by setting clear and achievable goals.

It's a good story.


After getting Omicron for so many days, Still feel helpless.


Tested using a sample of phlegm.